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Who am i

My name is Ayanna and I am the founder of Cause For Pets. Since I was a kid, I have been artsy and have loved working with paper.

But things really changed when I discovered paper quilling. What really excites me about quilling is the three-dimensional effect when it is seen from a distance! The full spectrum of color choices, varied strip widths, and the use of different techniques make it a very engaging process.

I decided to combine my love for quilling with animal rights causes to create Cause For Pets! Patrons who love art and want to support animal rights get a bespoke quilling artwork made by me. 

How it works

I use paper quilling to make fridge magnets, decorate greeting cards, gift bags, picture frames, and 3D stand-alone art pieces.  

In case you have something specific in mind, I can work with that too! 

Drop me an email with your order request and I will get right to it! These pieces are handmade with love and will take some time to finish.

All proceeds from the sale will be donated to animal welfare organizations in United States and India.

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